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Dr. Wolfgang Rauh

Dr Wolfgang Rauh

Head of department
Materials & Environment

transparent 11x15@fogra.org

+49 89. 431 82 - 351


Fogra/USHIO UV curing tester UV-HK

The simple way to quickly check the quality of curing in production

UV-HKUV-Paper-Printing applications with UV ink run the risk of incomplete curing inside the ink, even if it looks good on the surface. The effect, that a deck of printed papers stick together over night and therefore become unusable is well-known in the UV printing branch. Until today, different kinds of checking methods couldn’t prevent this happening.

The new UV Curing Tester offers a remedy for an automated process, that determines the curing result in a simple and unambiguous way.

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Features of the device
  • simple, intuitive handling after short instruction
  • no risk of mishandling
  • automated check process
  • documentation possible
  • low consumption costs
  • no calibration