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Information services and literature search

Information is increasingly important in today’s world and in many industries it provides a major competitive edge. But who can read every magazine and book that is important for a particular field? The flood of information keeps on getting bigger and the time available to read it shorter. Fogra has for years been archiving all the important information from the publishing and printing industry in the Fogra database. Wolfgang Hergl would be happy to answer your questions on services from the Fogra database.

NB: Information from the Fogra literature database is generally produced in German.


Fogra literature database on CD-ROM

The Fogra database dates back to 1980 and it contains references with bibliographic details and summaries. Every month it grows by about 40 references. The original sources, consisting of magazines, standards, conference reports, books, research reports and company texts, are archived in the Fogra library. The entire database is also available on CD-Rom, which allows you to access the latest version of the database via a user friendly interface.


Fogra patent review

As a decision maker do you need to evaluate technical trends in the printing industry at an early stage? Are you having to cope with the future today? – The Fogra patent review is the ideal source of information for you, providing a monthly digest of patents that have been applied for in Germany in the printing industry.


Fogra literature profile

Whereas the Fogra literature service provides an overview of all specialist sectors in summarized form, the Fogra literature profile offers you specifically targeted references to the specialist literature from particular fields. 6 different German language Fogra literature profiles appear each month in electronic form and quarterly in printed format. If your area of interest is not listed or if you are only interested in part of a literature profile, we will create an individual profile for you on request.

The fields are:

  • Printing processes ( Letterpress/Flexo; Offset; Gravure; Screen printing; Presses)
  • Prepress
  • Substrates
  • Ink
  • Research/Development
  • Electronic publishing/Computer-Publishing


Fogra literature service

Do you want to keep pace month by month with key international developments in the printing industry? Then subscribe to our German language literature service. A selection of about 50 references will keep you informed every month about market studies, as well as the latest show reports and product surveys or a new specialist dictionary. It also includes dates for German and international events. The Fogra literature service is available in index card format or CD-ROM for Macintosh or Windows.


Fogra literature search

If you want to know what has been published on a particular topic, then the Fogra literature search is just what you need. We will advise you over the phone and help you formulate your question precisely, since the more precise your question the more targeted and informative our answer will be.