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Ink mileage

The productivity/mileage of inks is an important property for printers and ink manufacturers. It determines the number of impressions that can be printed by a certain quantity of ink under constant printing conditions. In this sense, a more productive ink allows more impressions to be produced than a less productive one.

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FograCert Ink Colour

ISO 2846 defines the ink mileage, the transparency and particularly the colour of printing inks for process printing. Printing inks for the different printing processes are addressed in separate sections (Section 1 for sheet-fed offset printing and web offset heat-set printing, Section 2 for newspaper printing, Section 3 for gravure, Section 4 for screen printing and Section 5 for flexographic printing).

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Ghosting in Sheet-fed Offset

Ghosting occurs in sheet-fed and web offset printing. Common to both is that damages appear sporadically and are perceived optically in the form of light, yet clearly visible images. These images are mirror/reverse images of the subject on the reverse side. They are, however, not a result of the striking through of the printing ink. Ghosting in web offset already takes place during printing, appearing in screen(ed) areas and is influenced among other things

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Cyan test label (UV printing)

Cyan test label (UV printing)

Black test label (UV and conventional printing)

Black test label (UV and conventional printing)

Magenta and Black test label (hybrid printing)

Magenta and Black test label (hybrid printing)