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Prepress technology

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Expert Knowledge

Here you will find a loose collection of presentations, evaluations and brief reports (snippets) which have been created over the past time addressing tricky problems and issues. Most of them were prepared before the PSD handbook was published, hence they are now covered there in an upated fashion. So please consult the PSD-handbook first since we don't maintain these snippets anymore!

Data preparation

The documentation of the GWG Output testform provides a lot of useful information with respect to understaning the different test elements and potential ways to correct it. (Size: 4.11 MB; Downloads: 9850)

Light Assessment

What reference illuminant to use when computing Color Rendering Index (CRI) - for D50 use cases? (Size: 43 kB; Downloads: 4603)

How to measure spectral illumination with X-Rite i1-profiler? (Size: 1.44 MB; Downloads: 4431)

Using modern metrics to assess the colour rendering of light sources (Size: 243 kB; Downloads: 8854)

Colour Measurement

How about using handheld measurement devices for conformance check? (Size: 31 kB; Downloads: 7169)

White or self backing - That is the question. (Size: 42 kB; Downloads: 11126)

The new, old ISO standard for image appraisal: About excitation and aggravation (You are not authorised to download.)

Is your black backing ISO 13655 conforming? Black backing clarifications of ISO 13655. (Size: 265 kB; Downloads: 9525)

Why we need 4 measurement modes (M0, M1, M2 and M3)? (Size: 88 kB; Downloads: 7137)

Do you still use DIN-NB or already status E, T or I? (Size: 27 kB; Downloads: 8787)

Appraisal of production run fluctuations from colour measurements in the image, Taga paper, 1994 (Size: 279 kB; Downloads: 10467)

Interpreting colour (differences)

You wonna know what a quantile is? (Size: 178 kB; Downloads: 7109)
∆Ch (or ∆F or ∆Ec or ∆ab), the better metric to test colour casts of near neutral colours? (Size: 175 kB; Downloads: 10325)
You don't know the difference between colorimetrical and densitometrical tone value? (Size: 236 kB; Downloads: 39251)

Digital Printing

You wonna know the difference between device and simulation mode? (Size: 32 kB; Downloads: 9695)

Fogra extra - regular publications focussing on special issues