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Advice and expertises

Abrasion testWhen there is no agreement between customer and printer or finisher about the technical grounds for a complaint that may often entail costs, Fogra is frequently called in as a neutral expert. Each year, nearly 600 expert opinions were prepared. Through constantly being called on to deliver expert opinions, Fogra remains in very close contact with actual industry practice, and a high incidence of problems in particular areas may reveal the need for research projects to investigate them.

For further information about the time scale, specimen materials and our testing capabilities, as well as a rough idea of cost, please contact the respective department of Fogra.

You find the contact information in the section Company.


Prepress technology

Demand for expert opinions is mostly related to print quality or the match between prepress and printing. Topics included prints incorrectly referred to as proof prints but that were not in fact contract proofs and which therefore led to serious “matching problems”. Problems continue to be found in the area of data preparation, especially with open files. There continued to be strong demand for expert opinions dealing with quality assurance and the reproduction of colour on what are advertising material. An important area of work continues to be supporting operators through expert opinions and advice in such areas as the introduction of colour management, digital proof prints, data control and softproofs. Consultancy concerning plate making span the whole range from the simple checking of the RIP settings on a CtP system, to the determination of tone values on the plate, up to the examination of the printing behavior of CtP systems.


Printing techniques

On site consultancy services accounted for the largest proportion of expert opinions. These usually related to preparations for certification examinations. Technical and colorimetric assessments of printed samples were also carried out and printing faults analyzed. Finally, tests of new and used press installations are offered. These inspections are mainly carried out within the framework of acceptance procedures contractually specified by the press buyers. What was often required in such instances is to record and assess the actual technical condition with a view to a sale or an impending repair.


Print finishing & ID cards

Expert opinions focus on the testing of identity cards, passports and plastic cards in the ID card test laboratory. In the finishing segment binderies and film lamination are the areas most frequently investigated for faults. In the case of binding nearly all the submitted problems related to the durability of perfect bound products or the failure of the book blocks, the covers or the book cases to lie flat.


Materials & Environment

The expert opinions focus on investigations of damping solutions and washes, determining the residual toluene in gravure printed products, the identification of materials, suitability tests for other press chemicals and the problem of odour formation in offset products. An other focus of the expert opinions is on establishing the causes of customer specific problems in offset printing in particular. Areas such as printability or coatability, mechanical surface resistance (abrasion, wiping, carbonizing) and pile behaviour (blocking, set-off, drying) were the commonest problems.