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The history of Fogra

2018 Official inauguration of the new institute's building. 10th anniversary of the user forum UV printing.

2017 Move from Streitfeldstraße into the new building in Einsteinring. Bavarian Printing and Media Federation (VDMB) as renter. Updated name affix: Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies. New Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75-5 (donation).
Begin of a series of events: Colour Management Café.

2016 Construction of the new Fogra research institute's building; topping-out ceremony. Partizipation at drupa 2012.

2015 Planning for a new research institute's building, purchase of a plot in Aschheim near Munich. Activities in graphic 3D printing.

2014 Consulting on energy efficiency issues for both conventional and digtial printing systems, along with a pratical manual for print service providers.

2013 "Online Print Symposium", organized by Fogra, the German Printing and Media Industries Federation and zipcon consulting. Manual "ProcessStandard Digital" in English language available.

2012 Participation at drupa 2012. New services "Company checkup" and "Energy checkup". Publication of the "ProcessStandard Digital". Managing director of Fogra, Dr Eduard Neufeld, appointed to vice-president of AiF (German Federation of Industrial Cooperative Research Associations).

2011 60 years Fogra. Upgraded website appearance. Technical committees adjusted to the technical development; new: “TC Digital printing”, TC “Functional products & identity cards”. First Fogra Forum “Smart Card Production”. Participation at “digi:media” in Düsseldorf.

2010 Participation at IPEX 2010 in Birmingham.  New Fogra publication “ISO news”. Three well attended symposia: “Colour Management”, “Digital Printing” and “UV Printing”. New scanning electron microscope with 3D-image presentation.


2009 Revised version of Fogra’s Articles of Association. Fogra Softproof Handbook in German and English released in digital form and downloaded from Fogra’s website more than 10,000 times. First Fogra symposium about digital printing “Digital printing meets Offset”. First Packaging Symposium of Fogra. Launch of Partner Program to give on-sight support concerning PSO certifications outside Germany. New laboratory for sensory properties established.

2008 Participation at drupa 2008. Colour Management Symposium a big success with 326 participants from 27 foreign countries. Installation of two new CtP systems ("Suprasetter 74" from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, "Xpose! UV" from Lüscher AG). Great, more and more international demand for PSO certifications. Foundation of Digital Printing Working Group.

2007 Longstanding Fogra members honoured. ‘Fogra News’ published as English periodical for members. Strong demand for testing of electronic passports. Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge V2.2 released for sale. Symposium ‘Current research results regarding improvement of quality in print and prepress’ in Frankfurt.

2006 Dr Eduard Neufeld is the new managing director and head of the institute. Dr Hans-Joachim Falge celebrates 25 years of service and retires in May. New printing machine Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74-5. Symposium ‘Print Products 2010’.

2005 New Fogra certifications for proof systems, proofing substrates, proof creation and for compliance with the Process Standard Offset Printing (jointly with bvdm). Introduction of the Fogra Measuring Bar, FMB for checking plate measuring devices and approval tests for hybrid inks.

2004 Participation in drupa 2004 with a remote proofing demonstration. New training course ‘Contract soft proof’. Testing of correct printing plate development using the Fogra processor test forms. Newly-created departments: Quality assurance, material [comprises printing ink and printing paper].

2003 Testing of correct damping solution control with the Fogra damping control test form. Technical certification of CtP units as a new Fogra service. Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge – part of the Altona Test Suite. Development of the Fogra Short-term Tester [Fogra KAT] for testing short-term ink absorption behaviour.

2002 Fogra error catalogue becomes highly popular in the form of a ‘Cross Media Publication’. The Fogra CtP test form available free of charge to members.

2001 50 years of Fogra. The infrastructure of the building renovated. The bvdm manual ‘ProcessStandard Offset Printing’, developed with significant participation from Fogra, was published. First Fogra Symposium ‘Computer-to-Plate Technology’. Fogra obtains two CtP units.

2000 Participation in drupa 2000. Development of the Ugra/Fogra Digital Print Control Strips Newspaper. First Fogra Symposium on ‘UV Printing’. Two special events organised in cooperation with the Federal Association Of Printing and Media in Munich, the topics handled were screen printing and print finishing. Lecture series in China.


1999 The institute completes 25 years at Streitfeldstraße 19. Development of the Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge CIELAB and the Ugra/Fogra Digital Printing Scale.

1998 Fogra Symposium ‘Computer Publishing’ held for the tenth time. Storage of the Fogra database on a third host [GENIOS, Frankfurt] for online research. Development of the Ugra/Fogra Digital Plate Wedge.

1997 Fogra literature database available on CD-ROM. Fogra Symposium ‘Computer Publishing’ organised on the occasion of the MacWorld & Publishing Expo in Düsseldorf. Practical training courses for colour management. Development of the Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge. Participation in IMPRINTA 97. Dr Dolezalek awarded ‘Robert F. Reed Technology Medal’ by GATF.

1996 Accreditation of ID Card verifying laboratory according to ISO 45000. Five Fogra employees appointed by the TÜV PRODUCT SERVICE as special auditors [ISO 9000]. Fogra profile on CD-ROM [‘About us!’]. Development of the Ugra/Fogra Digital Print Control Strip. New printing machine Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74-5-P.

1995 Orders for testing of printing machines as also assessment of machine damages increase considerably. Testing and approval of washing solutions. Fogra represented on the internet with its own homepage [www.fogra.org]. Development and sale of handy test devices for practical use [Fogra-WIKAT, Fogra-LHT etc.]. Participation in drupa 95. Jan te Neues active in honorary capacity on the Fogra board of directors for 25 years. Dr Has receives the Seybold Award for being the driving force of the ICC.

1994 Development of the frequency modulated screen Ugra/Fogra Velvet Screen. Setting up of a multimedia laboratory.

1993 New Name: Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V. and new logo, introduction of regional events – the Fogra Forums, storage of the Fogra database on second host [FIZ-Technik in Frankfurt] for online research, IARIGAI conference in Munich, tests regarding frequency modulation, intensification of services for the certification of printing machines, development of a control strip for screen printing.

1992 First Fogra environment day, development of improved gloss measuring methods, introduction of an expert system for problem cases in printing, development of a control strip for coloured newspaper printing, new printing machine Heidelberg Speedmaster 72V.

1991 Development of the Ugra/Fogra PostScript Control Strip, setting up of laboratory for verifying plastic cards.

1990 First workings on testing of halftone screen printing, basic workings for the use of expert systems in printing technology, development of the hot air drying system, Fogra Hot & IR, symposium ‘Drying of printing inks’.


1989 Introduction of the UGRA/Fogra Reproduction Test Chart 1988 to the industry, symposium ‘Binding and finishing of problematic print products’.

1988 DTP system for the Fogra editorial office, Fogra intensifies research on desktop publishing and electronic publishing, first symposium about electronic publishing.

1987 Senefelder Award to Dr Arthur Rosenberg, Fogra Symposium ‘Offset Printing Plates’, publication of the manual for standardisation in newspaper printing, symposium ‘Densitometry and Colour Measurement’.

1986 Development of the Precision Measuring Strip PMS-Z for newspaper printing, participation in drupa, development of the Fogra laboratory dryer TES.

1985 Fogra Symposium ‘Printing inks’.

1984 Publication of a study on the non-impact printing method, Fogra symposium ‘Standardisation of printing processes’, development of a test device for strength determination in case of dynamic load, development of the Fogra Contact Control Strip KKS, standardisation efforts expanded to include other printing processes.

1983 Opening of the Fogra database on EDP basis, development of test element for determination of gray addition, symposium ‘Book and brochure manufacturing’, new printing machine Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 ZS.

1982 Fogra Symposium ‘Climate, paper and printing’, UGRA Offset Test Wedge 1982 available in the Fogra range, introduction of the Fogra Print Control Strip in the industry.

1981 New head of the institute: Dr habil Hans-Joachim Falge, publication of the handbook on standardisation in the offset printing.

1980 After the demise of Dr Scheidt, Fogra director Dipl Ing Heinz Taudt takes over as head of Fogra. Opening of the department Innovation Research under Dr Josef Schneider.


1979 The 100th Fogra announcement –‘Densitometer’ symposium, first tests on machine control systems using colour density measurement, development of a perforation measuring device, new printing machine Heidelberg Speedmaster with CPC-1 and CPC-2.

1978 Development of the Fogra Carbon Copying Tester, serial manufacture of the Fogra laboratory adhesive binder, symposium ‘Offset blanket’.

1977 Development of quality criteria for offset blankets, Senefelder Award to Dr Karl Haller, basic publication on pollution control of waste water of printing presses and repro houses.

1976 25 years of Fogra, Precision Measuring Strip PMS is introduced to the industry, basic research workings on the standardisation of offset printing, construction of a Fogra laboratory adhesive binding machine.

1975 Head of the institute of Fogra Dr Scheidt becomes IARIGAI President.

1974 Fogra moves to Streitfeldstraße, new two-colour printing machine Heidelberg SORDZ, Fogra testing slide for multicolour reproduction, development of the Fogra Nonius Measuring Scale. 5000th Fogra certificates issued.

1973 Basic workings for the regulation of the tone value deviation in the offset printing.

1972 Improvement of the colour density measuring system, intensification of interaction with the industry, permanent cooperation with the technical departments of the BVD.

1971 Colour density measurement on running sheet-fed offset machines, development of the Fogra measuring microscope.

1970 Dr Scheidt is the new head of the institute, development of the paper length measuring device, compressibility measuring device for offset blanket developed.


1968 Improvement and development of the Fogra colour density measuring system, passing of the draft for DIN 16 538 [Letterpress], presentation of the draft for DIN 16 539 [Offset printing].

1967 Participation in drupa with numerous Fogra devices on display: Fogra machine test form, roller adjusting rail, single and multiple colour test printing machine, water film measuring device, colour density measuring system, ink film thickness measuring device, contact percentage measuring device. Fogra offers training courses for the first time, introduction of the concept of normal inking for multicolour offset printing.

1966 Trials in electro-photographic offset print forme manufacturing, introduction of a colour density measuring device.

1965 Development of various testing devices and sensor systems on running printing machines, research workings on ink/water interaction in offset printing, first measurements with colour control strips.

1964 Research on damping in offset printing.

1962 Display of different test devices at drupa, research workings on the development of electro-photography, setting up of a Fogra consultation service.

1960 Intensified cooperation in the standardisation endeavours in reproduction technology, printing forme manufacturing, printing ink and printing paper, definition of normal inking.


1959 Quality agreement for flatbed letterpress machines.

1958 Move to new laboratories in the building annexe, micro-photometer, serial production of proof printing devices, participation at drupa, first certification brochure, measuring device for the quality assessment of printing machines.

1957 Fourth IARIGAI conference in Rottach-Egern, filter for colour separation technology, colour mixing charts.

1955 Third IARIGAI conference in Amsterdam, fluff measuring device.

1954 Fogra at drupa for the first time, foundation of the AiF, first developments of the Nyloprint printing plate.

1953 First Fogra publication ‘announcement’, setting up of documentation office, proof printing device, abrasion tester.

1952 Move to Bamberger house [Luitpold Park], beginning of experimental activities, K4 powder, management of the institute by Prof J Albrecht.

1951 Foundation of the German Society for the Promotion of Research in the Graphic (Arts) Industry.