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PDF/X Creation

Purpose of certification:

An agency or a prepress department can use the FograCert PDF/X-Creation to reliably demonstrate their ability to create compliant PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-4 files from one layout file.


The data creator should create a layout file meeting the following requirements:

– A4 format (portrait) with 3 mm bleed (with or without bleed marks)
– two predefined images (1x RGB and 1x CMYK) - Download 
– bleed element with font and/or image
– black and white text on colourful background
– Transparency (with at least one drop shadow)
– The direct link to the creating company (company name, address, town, telephone, E-Mail, contact person).

Based on this layout page a PDF/X-1a as well as a PDF/X-4-file that complies with the PSD/PDFX-ready-presets should be created. These files should pass the PDFX-ready-Preflightchecks V1.3 (for PDF/X-1a) and V2.1 (für PDF/X-4) without any errors. Furthermore a third PDF file (PDF/X-4 CMYK+RGB including an RGB-image) has to be submitted. 


As of 2017 we do not continue both PDF/X-Creation and PDF/X-Output as separate certifications anymore. This is based on the limited demand, which does not substantiate to keep the required infrastructure. The actual test is still part of the PSD certification, however without a dedicated Fogra certificate.

Downloads and further information

Guidelines and criteria

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