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PDF/X Output

Purpose of certification:

A print service provider can use the FograCert PDFX-Output to reliable show that it's prepress workflow is able to consume and output a valid PDF/X-4 file. We check your capability to correctly output PDF/X-files and send your a certificate. The quality of the check will be further increased by the counter certification provided by PDFX-ready [„four-eye-principle“].


The testform can be downloaded here: PDFX-ready Output Test Pages


The pages must be rendered in the same way as other provided PDFX-pages. For the print output the pages must be imposed on the final sheet. Here the trimbox shall be used. For a newspaper workfkow the pages will be handled/placed as normal ads on a page without bleed. For the certification of offset printers the printing plates shall be printed (a digital print out is not enough). For certification of newspaper printers the fourth page (spot colours) can be omitted.

Finally the pages must be trimed by means of cut marks placed by the imposition software. Please note there are different bleeds for each edge.


  • Print the testform for each workflow setup to be tested
  • Evaluate the print out according to the GWG information


As of 2017 we do not continue both PDF/X-Creation and PDF/X-Output as separate certifications anymore. This is based on the limited demand, which does not substantiate to keep the required infrastructure. The actual test is still part of the PSD certification, however without a dedicated Fogra certificate.