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Prepress technology


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FograCert Proof Substrate

We check your substrate independently with respect to

  • Colour in compliance with ISO 12647-7 [with respect to relevant printing conditions]
  • Gloss in compliance with ISO 8254-1 [TAPPI]
  • Compliance with requirements for white backing
  • New permanence assessment according to ISO 12647-7:2014+, see details here
  • Light fastness according to ISO 12647-7:2016

Papers that have passed the certification procedures, should be submitted for recertification by the manufacturer without a request having to be made in the event of changes to the paper recipe or the manufacturing conditions. Otherwise paper certificates run for a maximum of two years from the date of the expert opinion.

Please fill out this order sheet (Size: 2.25 MB; Downloads: 3714) and send it to li@fogra.org.


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Temporary, extended scrutiny for the informative whitebacking tolerances

Following the discussion in the mailing list of the Digital Printing Working Group (May 2018), we agreed to extend the assessment of the suitability of proofing papers as a whitebacking, and from now on will check according to both, the tolerances as stated in ISO 13655:2009 as well as in the revised ISO 13655:2017. In the database, for now a proof paper is listed as "suitable as whitebacking" if it passes according to the old tolerances.

More information about the backgrounds for this decision can be found here.