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Softproofing System

Aiming for a Certified Softproofing System?

The FograCert Softproofing System specifies requirements for a  complete Softproofing System which is intended to achieve a high quality visual match between a display and a reference  ( typically defined by a  printing condition). Visual characteristics further includes provisions for testing uniformity, profile accuracy, gamut and colorimetric accuracy. The Softproofing System is composed of a viewing booth, ambient  lighting, monitor, measurement device, driving software (calibration and profiling), softproof software and  the printing condition to be simulated.

Pretest (once per construction type):

  • Monitor
    • Viewing Cone
    • Uniformity
    • Warm-up behavior (informative)


We check your softproofing system with respect too:
  • Display Driving
    • Uniformity
    • Target Gradation (Gamma)
    • Smoothness
    • Profile Accuracy
    • max. Contrast ratio
    • Gamut
  • Simulation
    • Contrast ratio
    • Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)
    • Luminance
    • Gray balance
    • Colorimetric accuracy
  • Visual assesment (informative only)
    • Smoothness
    • White point
    • Comparison of softproof to reference print
Duration of the test:

1 day at the vendors premise

written report after 3 weeks

(Pre-Test of viewing cabinet and monitors separate)


See pricelist