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Fogra dampening control test forme

Incorrect settings of the press or unsuitable combinations of printing materials cause inevitably printing problems such as instable tone values or instable solid tones. A constant ink flow and an even ton values are basic requirements for a constant printing process and a standardized output according to the Prozess Standard Offset (PSO).

Therefore the printer adjusts the press best of his knowledge. He needs an adequate control tool to check, to optimize and to document the settings of the press. Due to this, a method is needed to test the combination of the materials and ensure a constant ink-water balance.

A practicable tool to control these parameter is the Fogra dampening control test forme. Using the test forme the printer himself can check and optimize the ink-dampening solution balance and adjust the settings of the press. The sensitivity of the control elements of the Fogra damping control test forme indicates fast and efficiently the condition of the press with less input in measuring and printing.

How can the printer get the test form?

The test form can be acquired together with a training. For this purpose a Fogra employee comes to the printing company for one day to demonstrate how to use the test forme. The number of participants of the training is not limited, but we recommended not more than 5 students.

The schedule of the audit:

  • opening meeting, discussion of actual technical problems of the printing process
  • Presentation of quality control in the printing process and the requirements for the implementation of a process calibration
  • Application of Fogra damping control test form
    The press and the ink-dampening solution balance are analyzed, documented an optimized together with the printers. In cooperation with the printers the press settings and the ink-dampening solution balance can be guaranteed best by this way. This procedure is carried out on one up to four printing units. 
  • After training, the printers are able to use the Fogra damping control test by their own.
  • Final meeting with a summary of the results.

In addition to the training and the test forme, an individual report is delivered in German or English language. The report contents:

  • Status-quo of the printing press
  • list of the optimization measures done on the printing press
  • documentation of the press settings and material combinations
  • documentation of tone value variations across the format, the stability of the solid tone and the stability of the ink-dampening solution
  • assessment of the stability of the printing process and potential measures for print optimization
  • general documentation on how to use of the Fogra damping control test forme

Summary of Benefits:

  • Fogra damping control test form (digital)
  • A day on-site training
  • Report of the training, the results and an instruction for using the test forme
  • Certificate for the participants of the training