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Press examination

When buying a new or used press it is often agreed to carry out a press acceptance procedure, with the purchaser accepting the press when the contractual provisions are fulfilled. If no specific provisions are agreed between the customer and the press manufacturer then the technical guidelines may form the general basis for a press examination. Examples of these include the technical guidelines for the acceptance of continuous, sheet-fed or web offset presses.

Generally applicable values and tolerances for printing parameters are laid down in the technical guidelines that originated in the work of Fogra and that have been adopted by the bvdm and the VDMA. Aspects that are checked include the following:

  • Tonal value increase
  • Slurring/Doubling
  • Ink fade
  • Streaking
  • Register standard deviation

Given the many years of experience that Fogra has in the field of press examinations, it is also possible to draw on existing guidelines to develop appropriate examination programmes for special presses, for which there are no acceptance guidelines.

One of the services that Fogra offers is the examination of presses.

The individual elements of the acceptance examination will be covered in discussions that take place prior to the conclusion of the contract for the purchase of a press and a list of requirements related to the acceptance drawn up. The extent to which the list of requirements is incorporated into the purchase contract is a matter for negotiation between the contractual partners.

The results of the press examination record the actual condition of the press in a detailed examination report and a recommendation to accept the press will be made on the basis of the examination results.