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FograCert Print Check LFP

With the new Fogra certification FograCert Print Check LFP, companies in the print and media industry prove their ability in creating print jobs conforming to ProcessStandard Digital (PSD). Hence a typical print job (Fogra testform, 1 page, DIN A3 format) will be checked for colour consistency, uniformity, detail sharpness and print run stability, in compliance with the requirements defined by PSD. 

Part of the ProcessStandard Digital and the certification of the same name, the Print Check, put into practice in 2011, is now available stand-alone as the FograCert Print Check LFP. 

Being an active member of the ISO TC 130 (WG3) board, we ensure all requirements to be in compliance with ISO/TS 15311-3. 


  1. Please choose one ore more system combinations (printer, paper, RIP etc.) which you would like to be certifed. Therefore make use of  the order form, and fill out 1 form for each combination. 
  2. Download the FograCert Print Check LFP testform. Place a Fogra Media Wedge V.3, LFP layout, (valid license required) before printing. For wide- or large format applications (LFP), repeat the test form to cover at least 67% of the print width. Mark the 9, 18 or 27 samples in the upper left field by means of rows (A, B and C) and columns (1 to 3, 6 or 9). The test form shall not be scaled. The following schema applies:
    • For printers up to 155 cm (61"): Use 3x3 test forms (description: A1 to C3)
    • For printers up to 264 cm (104"): Use 6x3 test forms (description: A1 to C6)
    • For printers over 264 cm (104"): Use 9x3 test forms 
  3. Create a quality report for the print job and make sure it meets the requirements defined in the ProcessStandard Digital, see below. Also refer to the PSD handbook, chapter 6.3. "System-Check and Print Check" for more information.
  4. Please cut the prints and send them, together with a filled out order form and the quality report, in an A3 box to us. 
  5. You will get the results after approx. 2 weeks. 

We check your prints with respect to:  

  1. Measurement based evaluation of colour consistency according to PSD (ISO TS 15311-3) based on the Fogra Media Wedge
  2. Measurement of print run consistency 
  3. Visual check of uniformity and detail sharpness (resolution) 


See pricelist 


Order Form

Requirements for the PrintCheck Report

What to test? Nature of the tests Reporting:

Colour Accuracy

Normative, measurement of Fogra MediaWedge (OK-Print)

Reference printing condition: e.g. FOGRA51

Image Appraisal: Absolute (“Side-by-Side”) or Media-Relative 

Quality Class: A, B or C

Colour Consistency

Normative, measurement of Fogra MediaWedge (10 copies for LFP and 20 randomly selected samples (out of a print run of 500 copies for small format production presses)

Quality Class: A, B or C (combined with Colour Accuracy, hence only one quality class going by the worst achieved result)

Spot colour accuracy

Optional (informative), measurement of spot colour patches

Reference: Physical sample or CIELAB values (PDF)

Image Appraisal: Absolute (“Side-by-Side”)

Quality Class: A, B or C


Normative, visual inspection of image content (preferably uniformily tinted areas)

Brief description of visual findings

Detail sharpness (resolution)

Normative, visual inspection (preferably line elements such as text legibility)

Brief description of visual findings 


Informative, visual inspection of potential artefacts or image permanence aspects

Brief description of visual findings


To connect the print outs with the associated information of how it was processed and printed

Describing the primary components of the used combination