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Here you find useful documents, profiles and other means which will help you using the principles of PSD.


PSD Handbook 2018 (English)

DeviceLink Profile: sRGB -> CMYK

Please find the DeviceLink profile for converting sRGB linework (no raster) from office documents (often coming colorimetrically undefined) to CMYK here. Conditions of use.

ICC-Profil295 KB18.10.2011

MS-Excel spreadsheet for ISO 15311 evaluation (Absolute [Side-by-Side] and Media Relative)

MKCheck.XLS217 KB14.8.2014
CIEDE2000 Plugin143 KB25.3.2012

Please find here a video that explains how to install & use the plugin.

Learn more about the motivation, installation and use  Project Webpage.


On the project webpage you find the recent testforms for the evaluation of print image quality.

Here you find the PDFX-Output Testform. It helps to determine if your workflow is PDF/X-4 ready.

PDFX-Ready Preflight profiles

PDFX-ready preflight profiles for Adobe Acrobat 9+X and export settings for Adobe InDesign - (PDF/X-1a, Version 1.3)

PDFX-ready Preflight-Profile
für Adobe Acrobat Pro und Adobe InDesign

PDFX-ready preflight profiles for Adobe Acrobat 9+X and export settings for Adobe InDesign and Quark XPress - (PDF/X-4, Version 2)

PDFX-ready_Acrobat9undXPro-Preflight_V2.2.zip98 KB22.10.2014
PDFX-ready_InDesign_abCS4_V2.0-CMYK.zip5.3 KB22.10.2014
PDFX-ready-XPress_9.1-V2.0.zip5.8 MB22.10.2014
PDFX-ready_AcrobatXIPro-Preflight_V2.2.zip101 KB22.10.2014
Recipe for profile installation520 KB04.02.2016

Colour settings for Adobe Creative Suite (> CS 4)

9 MB22.10.2014

Recipes for profile installation

Adobe _InDesign_CS4_CC_V2.0.pdf98 KB22.10.2014
XPress_9_V2.0.pdf5.3 KB22.10.2014
Acrobat9-XI_V2.1.pdf101 KB22.10.2014
Adobe _Bridge_CS4_CC V2.0.pdf620 KB21.10.2014

More downloads can be found on the  PDFX-Ready website.