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Title: Revision of the ISO 2846-1 ink standard, 2017

Title: New specifications for contract proofing: Update of ISO 12647-7:2016, 2017

Title: Mass customization in the Printing Industry: Learning from the Automobile Industry, 2017

Title: The correct way to check digital print conformance: FograCert Print Check Digital/LFP, 2014

Title: Fogra Validation Print Certification in China with Fuji Xerox, 2014

Title: Revision of the standard for offset printing - The main modifications of ISO 12647-2, 2013

Title: Normlight according to ISO 3664:2009, 2012

Title: Possibilities and limits of process control when using low-process plates, 2012

Title: Fogra characterization data for heat set printing on improved newsprint stock and offset printing with additional surface finishing: FOGRA48, FOGRA49, FOGRA50, 2012

Title: Electronic nose for evaluating odour from UV prints, 2011