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2012 Press acceptance project

With the growing necessity to control the printing process and to verify the print quality  a growing number of Software for process- and quality control  appears on the market. The goal of this project was to  to compare  merchantable packages systematically and  to see how the individual solution with its  evaluation method correlates with the Process Standard Offset / the ISO 12647-2 specification.

The partners of the  Press Acceptance Programme:


2019 - Expressing print quality in one number?

As we discussed at the 2018 DPWG meeting we are looking toward a potential new research project that covers a consensual way to aggregate individual print quality tolerances (like dE, TVI, spread, grey balance etc.) into one single value (typically scaled from 0 to 100) and expressed in %. The aim is to provide a „Fogra calculation method" that anyone can agree on and can (optionally !!) implement. Then e.g. a "80% quality" can be compared among vendors, what you cannot do today. The following table try to list all relevant print quality tools that provide such a socre. It is subject for change so please tell us if there is something wrong or missing.

IQ-Scoreing Matrix, V1 [PDF]