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Fogra Softproof Handbook

During the Fogra research project "Setupand investigation of a softproof workstation" a handbook with tips for softproof was created. This handbook is the result of current investigations from the Fogra research project and reflects the most recent experiences and test results.

Softproof Handbook Cover

Fogra Softproof Handbook (Size: 2.5 MB; Downloads: 33504) (Size: 2.5 MB; Downloads: 33504) (Edition July 2009)

Adobe Color Settings (Size: 1.33 MB; Downloads: 16919) (Size: 1.33 MB; Downloads: 16919)
Typical color settings for the Adobe suite as explained in the handbook.

Monitor Test Pictures

Visually test the quality of your softproof monitor:

Fogra Monitortestbilder (ohne Titel)

Fogra Monitor Test Pictures (Size: 6.9 MB; Downloads: 17447) (Size: 6.9 MB; Downloads: 17447)
Fogra monitor test pictures allow the visual assessment of the quality of the monitor. Test viewing cone, uniformity and artefacts..

Fogra Desktop Hintergrund TestbilderFogra Desktop Background Pictures (Size: 4.4 MB; Downloads: 19970)
Test the monitor calibration with the Fogra desktop background pictures. The test pictures are helpful for daily quality check "on the fly". (Manual only available in german).

Fogra Gradients

Fogra Gradients (Size: 4.33 MB; Downloads: 9527) (Size: 4.33 MB; Downloads: 9527)
To assess the smoothness of the calibration and / or to look for possible artifacts introduced by the colour management you can use the Fogra gradients. The files include RGB, CMYK and LAB versions. Normally the test files should be displayed pixel by pixel at 100 %.

Rot wie die Liebe (Size: 260 kB; Downloads: 9150) (Size: 260 kB; Downloads: 9150) ("Red like love")
This test picture allows to check if a monitor profile is honored by a softproofing application. If the monitor profile is used by the application the picture will be displayed in red, otherwise the picture is shown in blue.
Attention: This test does give no hints about the quality of the monitor profile.

Conversion Spectrum to Lux

Here you find a MS-Excel spreadsheet that converts spectral irridiance measurements (e.g. taken from FD7, i1 Pro etc) into illuminance (lux). Download irradiance_to_Lux.xls (Size: 14 kB; Downloads: 1366)

Monitor Test Programme

Viewing Cone Calculator (Size: 236 kB; Downloads: 8691) (Size: 236 kB; Downloads: 8691)
Excel-sheet to calculate the viewing cone dependent on the choosen viewing distance and monitor screen size.

Viewing booth - ISO 3664 conformance

This Excel sheet (You are not authorised to download.)allows to assess conformance of a viewing cabinet to ISO 3664:2009. Note that the resolution of the data must be 5 nm. It includes the evaluation of the UV amount according to the Fogra method.

For data with 1 nm sampling interval the spectral widening procedure of ISO 13655 is used to create 5 nm data.

For internal tests only 10 nm data can be used. This might be useful for abridged evaluations when using measurement devices such as the X-Rite EyeOne Pro, Konica Minolta FD 7 or Just NormlichtGL Optic.