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Fogra research project 10.047 – Setup and investigation of a softproof workstation

Nowadays in the printing industry increasingly complex jobs are being produced faster and faster. When producing high quality printed products, time and cost mean that it is essential to be able to reliably assess the colour of the subsequent printed product whilst creative work is still being undertaken by the agency or when data is accepted or processed by the premedia house. Softproofing the printed product on the monitor offers such functionality but for high quality production in the commercial sector there are still weak points, relating in particular to the absolute light density, the colour gamut and the dependence on viewing angle of the LCD screens used. The technical potential of modern screens in prepress is being analysed for the contract display of high quality print jobs. On the basis of this, instructions are drafted for the correct setup of a softproofing workstation. A catalogue of criteria is also drawn up both for LCD screens and the software used in order to assess the properties relevant to softproofing.

English informations and downloads

Downloads of english documentation in the form of the Fogra Softproof Handbook, Monitor Test Pictures and some results are available in english language in the  softproof download section.

The report of this research project as well as the online documentation is available in german only. But if you have specific questions regarding softproof you are welcome to contact us direct.