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Concept for the colour management based data preparation and reproduction in the publishing industry

Nickname: Consolidating Standardization
Fogra-Nr. 10.057
Project leader: Dr. A. Kraushaar
Period: 1.10.2013 until 30.09.2015
Funding: Programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology for the support of “Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung [IGF]” via the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations [AiF]

Research Aims:

1. To construct a set of (process agnostic) characterization data that reflect the most important practical printing conditions including "FOGRA39+".
For more information see: The journey towards Universal Characterization Data (UCD)  (Size: 1.33 MB; Downloads: 8792)

2. To establish the framework for common appearance framework. More information on the definition of common appearance can be found here: 
Common Appearance - Introduction, Concept and Overview (Size: 1.28 MB; Downloads: 5456)

3. How to encode technical tones (vectors), which required dedicated CMYK separations, in a media neutral way (RGB)?


Report (short version )