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media relative colour reproduction for digital print applications

35.005 Evaluation of media relative colour reproduction for digital print applications

Period: 1.2.2013 until 31.1.2015

The goal of this research project is a colorimetrical evaluation of the media relative colour reproduction including the optional black point compensation for printed matted. In this project established (ICC) and new means to perform a media relative colour reproduction will be implemented, printed, analysed in order to propose aim values and use case specific, multi-level tolerances for the gamut similarity and the final visual similarity. Psychophysical experiments will be designed and conducted to provide the required data basis (ground truth). In addition tolerances for acceptability and perceptibility should be deduced for important use cases or reference applications. The findings will be used to create a free guideline (handbook) that explains the motivation, the concrete usage and the differences to the established side-by-side colour reproduction.