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Mini Wedges

Aiming for many 7C palettes being used in the field, several mini wedges will be provided to be added to practical print jobs. They vary in size and hence in the number of tonal patches to accomodate the individual availabke free space. All wedges are currently under development and anyone is invited to join the project. Please drop us a line at: kraushaar@fogra.org.


Download link

- Mini-Wedge with  30 patches

- Midi-Wedge with 51 patches

- Fogra MediaWedge Multicolor 7C using 104 patches

- Mini-testchart using appr.  300 patches

Printing Condition

For the evaluation it is important to know important aspects of the printing condition such as process, print sequence, etc. We will shortly provide a PDF form to allow for that. 

Details of used tone value combinations (grid)


White, solids, 100+100 overprints of neighborhood chromatic colours (within "gamut-circle")

To check CMYK quality to a minimum extend,, though 100+100 CM, CY, MY as well as near neutral patches: C=M=Y at the same grid points/nodes (40% and 70%)

Midi: Mini plus

70% for OGV and more ini on ink interaction (halftone with solid)  per "100% + 40%" as well as more shadow information by using black overprints (100% K with chromatic inks).

Fogra Medienkeil Multicolor

If present, you can order it here:


This is subject for discussion. It should be an average between the Fogra MediaWedge Multicolor and the first page of the ECG-Chart (1050 patches) thus resulting in approx. 300 patches.