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New CMYK-based colour exchange space: FOGRA53 and eciCMYK released

FOGRA53 is a CMYK based exchange space that primarily serves colour communication throughout the print production. It complements the existing 52 reference printing conditions that reflect actual offset based printing conditions. It was developed in light of the completed Fogra research project 10.057, that was establishing tools for a media neutral print workflow. Here FOGRA53 allows for a consistent colour reproduction throughout production including copy preparation, job assembly, proofing, and process colour printing. FOGRA53 fullfils the following three essential requirements:

  • It spans the expected range of colour gamuts used for the production of printed material from digital data, regardless of printing process used
  • It allows proofability on the established proof printers and hence an objective colour reference
  • It resembles established CMYK-based printing gamuts in size, shape and tonality

In order to be able to create and exchange print data in a standardized way, dedicated colour exchange spaces are the right tool at hand. In doing so, the expected print result should be rendered accurately and precisely and neither too "beautiful" nor too "washed out", thus limited in gamut and dynamic range. The advantage of using a CMYK-based exchange colour space is that the complete design takes place in a single colour space. Colour communication with the client is based on the approval of one single contract – in contrast to the preparation of dedicated CMYK separations and corresponding proofs.Starting from FOGRA53 colour managed and approved artwork, print data will be converted into the pertinent printing conditions.

In conventional offset printing and beyond two de-facto standards found their way into as exchange colour spaces namely FOGRA39 (ISO Coated v2) and increasingly FOGRA51 (PSO Coated v3). However it often remains unclear to what extend the used colour space was intended as a absolute preview of an actual production printing condition or a relative reference (as usually used in lieu of a exchange colour space). Furthermore digital printing applications increasingly require larger exchange spaces in order to make the best use of the device capabilities.

Together with FOGRA53 ECI releases the corresponding ICC profile named „eciCMYK (FOGRA53)" for free or charge download on the ECI website (http://www.eci.org/en/downloads ). Device link profiles for conversion from and into established Fogra standards will be available shortly. Please use both mailing lists for discussion FOGRA53 and eciCMYK: ECI (http://www.eci.org/en/mailinglists ) as well as the Fogra Digital Printing Working Group, DPWG. The characterization data can be found on the Fogra website as always.