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Digital Printing standardization


With the foundation of the DPWG (Digital Printing Working Group) in 2008, which culminated into the Fogra TC (Technical Committee) in 2010, digital printing has become a vendor independent platform for research and open standardization. Research is very important for standardization since any new standard project needs elaborate substantiation and active contribution of the pertinent industry sector.

PSD handbook 2018 changes - check it out

As discussed within DPWG the PSD handbook reflects the current state of the industy and hence needs to be updated accordingly. Please find here the draft version that shows the proposed changes:

PSD handbook including the 2018 proposed changes: [PDF (Size: 9.02 MB; Downloads: 693) ]

PSD: ProcessStandard Digital - Handbook


Please comment either directly to kraushaar@fogra.org or use the DPWG mailing list.

Download the handbook either as screen or print out version.

PSD_Handbook_en_2016.pdf screen (Size: 15.62 MB; Downloads: 4249) 15 MB02.03.2017
PSD_Handbook_en_2016.pdf 300 dpi (Size: 40.27 MB; Downloads: 13060)  40 MB02.03.2017

Italian version: Download (Size: 35.51 MB; Downloads: 110)

Migrating from FOGRA39 to FOGRA51

Read more about the transition from the established industry standard FOGRA39 to the new Fogra standard [PDF] (Size: 323 kB; Downloads: 8851).


Please find more information about how to get PSD certified here.

ISO 15311 - The digital printing production standard

The ISO title is: Graphic Technology - Requirements for printed matter for commercial and industrial production. However there is some discussion within ISO TC130 WG3 if the standard should be restricted to digital printing or not (since it can be applied also to conventionally printed products).

Contrary to ISO 12647-x, ISO 15311 is a multipart standard based on representative use cases (rather then printing technologies). Substantial contribution has been made in the Fogra digital printing working group (DPWG). In light of the latest discussion within TC130 WG3 it was agreed to continue as a TS (Technical Specification) instead of a ISO track. The current structure looks as follows:

Part 1: Measurement methods and reporting schema  - published 2016
Part 2: Digital Commerical Printing -> almost published (FDIS apprroved)
Part 3: Large Format Signage Printing -> current status: Draft will be published as Fogra specification (FograSpec (Size: 440 kB; Downloads: 11113) ). Read introduction for more information.

The concrete definition of the measurement methods is subject of the recently establish working group between TC130 and JTC1 SC28 WG4, namely JWG 14. It will work on a project (ISO/PWI 18621) that provides different parts where each part covers a defined measurement method such as M-Score, L-Score and Co.

Further parts will be added when enough interest and contribution is available. If you don't know what CD means or WD or DIS or other ISO rules ...

More Information:

Regarding further information and the latest news of standardization, please refer to our ISO news - The Fogra standards update.

Process Standard Offset print [PSO] for Digital Printing? (Size: 219 kB; Downloads: 11937) Between appropriate use and opportunism

The ISO standard for digital production printing - A comment (Size: 95 kB; Downloads: 17497)

Active Contribution:

Use the opportunity and actively shape the all new digital printing production standard. It doesn't matter if you are a user or a manufacturer, your contribution counts. In order to get an overview of the current projects in the digital printing arena just participate in the digital printing working group (technical committee 'Digital printing'). Register for the mailing list, have a look on what is being communicated or join the physical meetings. Contact us! Informations for members of the technical committee 'Digital printing' as well as the date for the next meetings is found in on our research website.

Media Wedge Evaluation

Please find here the current version of the MKCheck MS-Excel spreadsheet. It covers both the side-by-side and the media-relative evaluation (PSD). It also covers the brand new ISO/DIS 12647-7 proofing tolerances. Please discuss and share your experiences in the DPWG mailing list. It is planned to provide two versions. One is for M0-based reference printing conditions (up to FOGRA50) and one for M1-based data (as of FOGRA51).

Download MKCheck.xls (Size: 3.2 MB; Downloads: 5331)