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Large Gamut Exchange Space

Here we evaluate both the requirements for process independent characterization data sets and candidates to be used for data exchange when actual output printining conditions might be compromized by FOGRA39.  Please find more information about exchange spaces here and on the german part of the homepage.

Current the following candidates are subject of evaluation:

1. GMG Color Master (Size: 771 kB; Downloads: 1702)

2. Colorgate  (Size: 740 kB; Downloads: 1612)

3. ICC Candidate V1 (Size: 2.45 MB; Downloads: 1426)

4. ICC Candidate V2 (Size: 2.48 MB; Downloads: 1460)

5. Candidate 5 (characterization data provided by GMG) (Size: 1.69 MB; Downloads: 1427)


A large gamut exchange colour space should meet the following criteria:

  1. Covering most large gamuts of current and upcoming Wide-Gamut-presses
  2. Proofability (e.g. within the 10c gamut of an Epson 9900)
  3. Similar behaviour in tone response and process hue angle characteristics of established (offset base) printing conditions such as FOGRA39

The proofability is of high importance that this work can serve as a visual reference (e.g. as an output intent to be used for blind exchange using PDF/X). 

Based on a collection of many measured printing combinations (presses, papers, inks etc) the 5 candidates have been evaluated by means of the pertinent coverage.


The release candidate was based on candidate 5, however a few changes have been made.