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Image Quality Test Suite

Collection of individual test elements

We have compiled all current test forms into one A3 PDF-file (with 25 pages). The file has no output intend (since it is intened to be printed on different output conditions). Anyhow if you want to print it in simulation mode please tag ISOCoated V2 (FOGRA39) since the images are prepared for the printing condition.


The test form package shall be used as such. It is not allowed to extract any elements for individual usage.

Overview image quality test forms 2013


ImageQuality_Testforms.pdf (Size: 67.75 MB; Downloads: 7776) 68 MBNovember 2015
Pages 1 and 2 only:
ImageQuality_F39 (Size: 41.91 MB; Downloads: 1237) 23 MBAugust 2017
ImageQuality_F51.pdf (Size: 22.12 MB; Downloads: 1903) 23 MBAugust 2017
ImageQuality_F52.pdf (Size: 23 MB; Downloads: 924) 23 MBAugust 2017

Colour transformations

A substantial contribution to our reseach project can be made by printing this testform on your typical combinations of substrates and printing systems. Please provide some brief information about how you have printed the document.

When printing the PDF file there are basically three different ways of how to retarget the file from the reference printing condition (e.g. FOGRA51) to the actual printing condition namely:

  • a) "Proofing", i.e. simulating the reference printing condition (Output Intent) as good as possible
  • b) Production Mode, i.e. use the settings and optimisations that are typical for your intended production (e.g. no colour management for bar codes)
  • c) Device Mode, i.e. printing in the same way as when printing a testform for profiling ("keep zeros")

More information on simulation mode and device mode can be found here.

Retargeting Testform:

A new page of the Image Quality testform has been incoporated into the test suite. Please use the DPWG mailing list to share your feedback.

DPWG Universal LFP test chart


The testform covers the tone value patches defined in ISO 12642-2 (also known as ECI2002 and IT.8/7-4) is ready for download [PDF (Size: 1.03 MB; Downloads: 2835) ]. Please find here the driving and reference files to use it in the pertinent measurement software applications and measurement devices [driving files (Size: 2.86 MB; Downloads: 1796) ].

Tonal Steps - Revised

We have revised the tonal steps testform. Now the 9 measurements (to derive the uncertainty) are coming from the same neighbourhood. This removes the influence of local inhomogeenities. Download the beta version (Size: 121 kB; Downloads: 1982). Print it out and send it to use for a free evaluation. 

Black handling

There are different ways to express (code) neutrals inside PDF. The new test file [PDF (Size: 2.06 MB; Downloads: 1415) ] reflects four different ways namely DeviceGray, DeviceCMYK, DeviceN and Separation Black. The output of all four ways is expected to be identical. Please print them out and share your experiences at the DPWG mailing list. It is planed to integrate these elements in the IQ-testform package after a field test.