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Evaluating FOGRA51beta

Currently printing and practical tests are under way, which reflect the new, ISO 12647-2:2013 based, printing conditions including the corresponding production means. In light of the number of printing conditions the information will be provided for each printing condition separately. 

FOGRA51 is the "codename" or the label for the characterization data reflecting ISO 12647-2:2013 based printing on matt and glossy coated  offset papers.

Highlights of the bvdm/ECI/Fogra agreement

  • Most important: Existing production tools and aim values (e.g. CIELAB as well as TVI values) remain valid for the time being!
  • Printing tests are under way in order to substantiate the means to overcome the roadblocks related to the usage of OBA-rich substrates
  • New M1-based characterization data will be published, that reflect the new printing conditions defined in ISO 12647-2:2013 by means of solid coloration and tone value increase cures. In this context a two-way correction to predict corresponding CELAB values (for OBA-rich substrates) will be evaluated.
  • Fogra is currently focussing on sheet-fed based printing conditions namely PC1 and PC5. The M1 characterization data sets that corresponds to the pertinent substrates are named „FOGRA51_beta“ for coated and „FOGRA52_beta“ for uncoated stock.
  • Anyone interested in joining this testing phase is warmly welcomed to download the characterization data as well as the corresponding ICC profiles from the Fogra webpage. That also relates to additional printing condition currently not covered by ISO 12647-2 such as printing on yellowish book paper.
  • Using OBA-rich proofing stock, in particular to simulate OBA-rich production stock, is subject for additional scrutiny reflecting the upcoming permanence criteria of ISO 12647-7 by achieving a proof to print match.
  • Final characterization data and ICC-profile will only be published on the Fogra/ECI webpage when all practical hurdles (e.g. data preparation, overlapping period, inking and process control, hard- and softproof) are addressed

Characterization data and ICC-Profile - FOGRA51

With Fred-15 kicking off the mailing list is no longer available. Both ICC-profiles and characterization data can be found on the ECI-website.

FOGRA51beta M1 (You are not authorised to download.)Characterization Data12.2.2014
FOGRA51beta M0 (You are not authorised to download.)Characterization Data12.2.2014
FOGRA51beta M1 (You are not authorised to download.)ICC Profile12.2.2014
FOGRA51beta M0 (You are not authorised to download.)ICC Profile12.2.2014

Practical tests

Typical prepress-related aspects to check:

  • Check the separation quality
  • Establish an new proofing queur by using OBArich proofing stock and M1 measurement devices
  • Check the profile for softproofing OBArich stock (printed according to ISO 12647-2:2013)

Typical press-related aspects to check:

  • Extract wb aim values for process control (dry sheets)
  • Check the inking levels for booth primaries (by using your typical ink film thicknesses)
  • Check if you can reach the provided secondary solids (ink trapping)