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Dr Eduard Neufeld

Dr Eduard Neufeld

Managing Director


+49 89. 431 82 - 112

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Fogra Forschungsinstitut für Medientechnologien e.V.

Fogra - Dienstleister der DruckindustrieIndependent, committed.

We work for the good of the industry; not in competition with print and media companies. Our members are small, medium and large companies across the entire spectrum of the industry, from equipment manufacturers to the producers of printed and electronic media. Our research is application-focused and we have been involved in the development of many forward-looking and globally acknowledged process and quality inspection standards.

Research with impact.

In our research we tackle the themes that are key to the future of media technology. We are in constant dialogue with companies to identify subjects for investigation that are geared to their requirements. For us, delivering the results of our research in usable form is a given.

Practical solutions.

We combine high quality technical research with practical application, developing, for example, objective measurement methods and process standards. We see ourselves as a modern service provider that carries out inspections tailored to the industry's needs, that advises companies on questions of quality and that mediates in technical disputes.

Passing on what we learn.

Our capital consists of a massive and constantly expanding body of knowledge combined with a high degree of technological expertise and a detailed understanding of current developments. We make this available to the industry through numerous publications, one-to-one consultancy, symposia and other specialist events through which we promote and support the discussions of themes that are key for the future.

Constant dialogue.

We offer media companies an expert network and support them in making their adjustments to structural change. In doing so we want to stimulate the opening up of new areas of business and to ensure that the industry is properly configured for the future.


Fogra – a founder member AiF

AiF memberFogra is a research organization operating under the umbrella of the AiF, which oversees and supports joint industrial research (IGF) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Dr Eduard Neufeld is speaker of the AiF Research Associations in South Germany. In this capacity, he regularly attends the Executive Committee Meetings of the AiF.


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