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Arne Müller

Arne Müller

Head of department
ID-cards & Print finishing

transparent 11x15@fogra.org

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Current research projects (in the field "print finishing")

Foundations for the standardization of abrasion tests on printed samples

Timescale: 01.06.2014 to 31.05.2016
Programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy for the support of “Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung (IGF)” via the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF)
Partner: Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS), Heidenau

This project should lay the foundations for the revision of an abrasion test standard (ISO 18947), which has been developed by ISO TC 42 (photography) for photobooks and photos produced by digital and analogue means. It consists of two parts, one scientific, the other devoted to standardization. The Papiertechnische Stiftung [Paper Technical Institute] has been secured as a partner, which means that a controlled climate chamber and enhanced analytical equipment are available. The objective of the project is to transfer the standard from the field of digital photography to printed products in general. Besides the “Sutherland” abrasion testing device that is implicitly favoured in ISO 18947, the intention in this project is to also use the prüfbau “Quartant”, the IGT “RT 4” and the James Heal “Martindale” devices to test samples printed by means of various different printing methods with a view to reaching conclusions about the comparability of devices, repeatability and precision. The factors influencing the results of the tests will be investigated for all the devices. Besides developing the methodology, the influences exerted by materials (wax content of inks, stickiness of the dry ink film, proportion of crosslinking binding agent in the ink film, surface topography of the paper and print, surface elasticity of the paper and print and pore volumes of the paper and print) on sheet-fed offset printed samples will also be investigated.