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Fogra test device for determining the resistance of UV curable layers on solvents ACET

Fogra ACET enables the user to easily and cost savingly forecast whether a UV curable layer is properly cured.  With the results of this test in mind it is possible to take appropriate measures, e.g. increase the dose of UV radiation, to avoid costly complaints.

ACETThe print converting depart­ment within Fogra often deals with UV curable varnishes and inks, and has to deliver many expert opinions dealing with that subject. A main source for complaints lies in an insufficient cure of UV curable varnishes which is very often caused by a dose of UV radiation that is too small or a setting of the produc­tion speed that is too high. Printing inks absorb the UV radiation to a different degree and thus do exert a direct influence on the curing process of the varnish coat lying on the ink film. The varnish layer remains sticky because of uncured molecules.  These molecules cause blocking of stacks and can spoil the complete job.

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This example illustrates the importance of a reliable test method that documents the state of curing to the print finisher.

Such a simple method is the manual acetone test. The test can easily be performed in the print shop:
A piece of cloth is soaked with acetone and wiped over the var­nish layer. Acetone is an aggres­sive solvent, it will dissolve the components of the varnish layer that are not completely cured. Uncured UV varnish is readily dissolved in acetone, whereas polymerized UV varnish is not. lf the varnish layer is badly cured, the varnish will be removed together with the printing ink lying underneath and the white paper will become visible. The higher the degree of polymeri­zation, the more difficult is the dissolution of the varnish by acetone. This means that in this case you have to rub the soaked cloth more often over the surface in order to wipe off the printing inks.

The results of this manual test, however, are very much influen­ced by the person carrying out the test. Because of this, Fogra developed a test device that enables the user to perform this test under defined conditions.


The Fogra test device for determining the resistance of UV curable layers to acetone ACET offers easy handling and yields reproducible and comparable results:
  • An amount of acetone is portioned with a pipette and a felt pad soaked with it.
  • The pressure that the felt pad applies onto the sample is held constant by a spring after the lid has been closed.
  • After closing of the lid the contact time of acetone and sample is measured and the sample pulled out of the device after a given time.
Fogra ACET offers the following features:
  • low weight
  • small dimensions
  • sturdy construction
  • hardly any maintainance
  • reproducible results
  • usable for most UV curable
  • varnishes and inks


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