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Fogra rub off and carbonating test device WIKAT

The Fogra WIKAT enables the manufacturer to check in advance, whether printing ink is transfered to adjacent sheets during the converting step by rub-off and/or carbonating.

WIKATThe test can be easily performed and yields a result at once and without additional cost. With the result of this test in mind it is possible to take appropriate measures to avoid costly complaints.

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Within a research project Fogra developed a test device which simulates the stresses that a sheet or a signature is subjected to during bookbinding or converting.

Features of the device
  • low weight and small dimensions
  • easy handling
  • transportable, sturdy construction
  • hardly any maintainance
  • rub-off and carbonating can be tested by using different insets
  • quick test results
  • only simple tools required (adhesive tape and scissors)
  • results that can easily be applied to the converting step


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