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Security features and document security

Which products does Figra investigate in this field and what does the term ‘Document security’ actually mean?

PassportIt covers all printed products that can be forged or tampered with. These include such typical identity documents as identity cards, driving licences, VIP cards or season tickets as well as documents that have a value such as shares, entrance tickets, travel tickets that need to be protected against partial or complete forgeries.

Then there are things like PIN letters, lottery cards, prepaid mobile cards whose contents it should not be possible to read without it being obvious that they have been tampered with. Secure envelopes and packaging that must display clear signs of having been opened form another category.

Fogra gathers practical evidence about whether a product is secure against forgery or being tampered with.


Who are the customers?

They are the producers of particular security features and also by users such as mailing service providers and ministries who are about to introduce new identity papers. In all cases, it is important that the customer can prove it holds all the rights to the product or has the approval of the owner of the rights.


Along which lines will a typical job be run at Fogra?

1 Familiarization with the product
2 Developing forms of attack
3 Carrying out attacks and
4 If appropriate, production of [partially] forged specimens and evaluation.

To meet these requirements, Fogra has a specially equipped laboratory. As every product has to satisfy different security demands, the institute has established and identified different levels for forgery/confidentiality trials. This allows the customer to decide what needs to be considered for its product.


In which area is currently the greatest demand?

Undoubtedly in the field of product authenticity of fashion and high priced goods. However, in many countries medicines are also extensively counterfeited and this poses a substantial potential risk. Special printing processes, stickers, embossing, inks and so on are used in an attempt to protect the originals.



Introducing the Fogra testing laboratory for ID-cards and passport documents
(Size: 791 kB; Downloads: 15854)

White Paper 1 - Three Wheel Test: One of the Most Important Test Procedures for the Smart Card Industry (Size: 1.78 MB; Downloads: 332)