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FograCert - the modular test programme

Logo FograCert specimenTechnicians in prepress, on the print shop floor and in finishing need to be secure in the processing of materials in order to ensure a failsafe production. Similarly, the manufacturing processes must be executed reliably.

It would neither be economical, nor possible in all cases, to single-handedly carry out all tests in the companies.


The FograCert test programme is the solution!

In it, an increasing number of different materials, products and production processes are subjected to an elaborate test programme. If the product or the production process service meets the requirements, its acceptability is endorsed by a Fogra certificate. Finally, well-trained experts are also required to handle the products and their finishing – the state of their knowledge can also be certified here.

Price list (Size: 3.8 MB; Downloads: 36554)


Using the FograCert logo correctly ...

You can use the FograCert logo for your news items, brochures and general public relations efforts to communicate your successful certification. To assure the clear communication of the Fogra certification the FograCert logo must not be modified in any way. For example it is not allowed to publish the logo without the certification number. This is important so that everyone is able to look up the actual test conditions on the Fogra web page. If you want to promote your collaboration with the Fogra in general we invite you to use the Logo "Member of Fogra". This can be downloaded in different file formats from the member area of the Fogra web page.

By default we are sending the logo as a PDF-file using the CMYK modus. We are happy to provide the pertinent internet or greyscale versions. Don't hesitate to contact us.

The colour codes are as follows:

  • Fogra Spot colour is HKS 14
  • The process colours are: CMYK = 0,100,100,0
  • The RGB-values (sRGB) are RGB = 227, 0, 15
  • The grey values are K= 60 and K=30 for both shades respectively.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us.