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It is self-evident that tested materials ensure production reliability.

Fogra certificates for inks and papers as well as damping solutions and washing agents are recognized around the world.

Fogra's accredited ID card testing laboratory is the first point of call for smart card manufacturers.

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The analytical laboratory of the department Materials & Environment offers analytical examinations using the following equipment:

High-performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, rheometer, infrared spectrometer, UV-Vis spectrometer, scanning electron microscope, X-ray measuring device, titrator according to Karl Fischer, differencial scanning calorimeter, contact angle measurement device, electrochemical measurement devices

For further information please contact:
Dr Philip Stolper (Tel. 0049-89-43182-354 )



The material laboratory of the department Printing techniques offers a variaty of standard tests for the determination of paper characteristics, rheological and optical characteristics and interactive properties. In addition faults at printed products can be analysed.

For further information please contact:
Ludwig Zins (Tel. 0049-89-43182-471 )