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In light of the ongoing research project a first candidate of the 7C exchange colour space was developed and is proposed here.

The constraints are as follows:

  • it should be CMYKOGV
  • it should be M1
  • sequence: KCMYOGV (screening free of moire) - although FOGRA55 should not reflect a concrete printing condition but an exchange space such as FOGRA53.
  • CMYK should match FOGRA51 (including its grey balance)
  • white point should be F51 (95 1.5 -6)
  • Green/Orange/Violet: SCTV linearised
  • Green: "Pantone Green C" CIELAB = 57.7 77.2 0.2 [CI Name: Green 7]
  • Orange: Pantone Orange 021C CIELAB= 60.8 65.7 85.1 [CI Name: Orange 34] and not "Pantone Warm Red C": CIELAB= 58.7 70.1 51.2 nor "Pantone Red 032C": CIELAB= 55.3 72.2 43.5
  • Violet: Pantone Violet C CIELAB=18.8 54.5 -69.5 [CI Name: Violet 23]
  • Proof-able with (EP-SC with Orange and Green and Violet)
  • Using an established 7C grid (based on ECG working group)

Download characterisation data set and the Fogra MediaWedge Multicolor 7C Subset, here

In order to test also the gamut mapping and separation characteristics, we offer test profiles from different vendors. These should only be used for tests related to this research project.

ICC-Profile (Color Logic): ICC-Profile