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Control devices

Our reliable and well-known products for process control in prepress and printing ensure high quality output.


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Fogra Dampening control test forme


At present, this test forme is the only tool that allows a printer to achieve the most favourable ink-water balance in all printing units (as a Fogra service).

Information in Extra no. 10 (Size: 590 kB; Downloads: 6137)

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Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3.0

The Fogra Media Wedge CMYK is recognised globally as the control medium for the digital contract proof and has been used worldwide in its different versions since 1997.
In accordance to Media Standard Print any proof that is designated as a contract proof must contain an Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V2 or V3. Its colour values must correspond to the reference values of the printing conditions, as specified in the standardization series ISO 12647, and the tolerances for the proofing process for digital data, as specified in ISO 12647-7.

Info sheet Media Wedge Standard (Size: 2.99 MB; Downloads: 27480)
Aim values for the 72 Media Wedge tone value patches (Size: 28 kB; Downloads: 18922)
Instructions Media Wedge CMYK V3.0 (Size: 2.24 MB; Downloads: 3454)

Info sheet Media Wedge LFP (Size: 498 kB; Downloads: 4911)

Easy Ordering: www.fogra-shop.com


Altona Test Suite 2.0

Altona Test Suite is a joint project of Bundesverband Druck und Medien (bvdm) Wiesbaden, European Color Initiative (ECI), EMPA/Ugra St Gallen and Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck Munich. This application kit consists of various reference prints and color specimens [process color solids] carefully produced within very small tolerances.

Test suite files, characterisation data, ICC-Profiles (according to standard printing conditions ISO 12647-2:2007) on CD-ROM are part of the applikation kit. A comprehensive documentation explains the elements of Atona Test Suite in detail, how to use it and provides all standard process control related information.

Further Information and order at www.altonatestsuite.com


Ugra Light Indikator

The Ugra light indicator is used for the visual checking of the color temperature of illuminations for color assessments. For this purpose, the Ugra light indicator is attached to the margin of a proof, where it signals whether the illumination used emits the standard color temperature of 5000 K.

Info sheet (Size: 1.92 MB; Downloads: 5535)

Easy Ordering: www.fogra-shop.com


Ugra Plate Control Wedge 1982

This fully featured control block has primarily been created for the control of offset platemaking. The presence of a 9 step halftone wedge also makes it highly suitable if the characteristic curves need to be determined during proofing and production printing.

Info sheet (Size: 30 kB; Downloads: 4409)

Easy Ordering: www.fogra-shop.com