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2014 Highlight - Printing the Expected - Textile

Colour Accuracy for textile printing - Printing the Expected In preparation of the upcoming Fogra colour management symposium (6/7 Feb. 2014) Fogra and the German fashion institute (DMI) organize a shoot out reflecting the bottom line - Printing the Expected - Textile. Print service providers have the possibility to show how colour accurate the customer/designer expectation can be met in the textile production chain.  The winner will be announced and awarded at the symposium.  Details of the shoot out can be found at the Fogra webpage.

Register free of charge

In order to register free of charge please send an email to kraushaar@fogra.org. You will get the 4 physical textile samples via surface mail soon.

Test conditions

As a minimum you need to submit the reproduction of all 4 chips. It is up to you to reproduce the samples on textile or paper-like substrates or both. The reproduction will be evaluated under three different light sources namely daylight (D50/D65), Articfical light (incandescent lamp A) and "store light" (TL84). At the symposium the submitted samples will be presented in a dedicated viewing cabinet that allows for changing bettwen the three light sources. The objective evaluation (rank order) will be done by means of a distance measurement ("To measure as you see") by using a CS2000 from Konica Minolta In addition a visuall assesment will be done by a jury comprising DMI and Fogra staff. Please provide the samples not later than January 24th 2014.

Although the way to achieve the reproduction is not restricted in any way, please provide a brief description of how you have achieved the results (used measurements, software, visual adjustments etc).


The samples have been scanned under 45°/0° and converted to D65/10° CIELAB data. Please download the TIFF file by clicking on the picture.

CMS2014_PtE_Testform_lr_sRGB (Size: 2.21 MB; Downloads: 3730)

Further questions?

If you have further questions don't hesitate to drop us a line (kraushaar@fogra.org) or discuss it via the DPWG mailing list.


If you are interested in the spectral values (to deduce the colour values under different light source) you can consult the software ColorDigital (www.colordigital.de - to be used free of charge). In that case you need the spectral ccn-File which can be downloaded here (Size: 1 kB; Downloads: 3438). For more information on how to use this software please contact support@colordigital.de. In addition the spectral reflectance factors are available as CxF-Dat (Size: 5 kB; Downloads: 3378) a as well as the spectral power distributions (SPD - MS Excel (Size: 40 kB; Downloads: 2601) ) of the light sources (on the symposium).