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Multicolor Forum 2019

The succesful Multicolor Forum will be continued!

Currently the details of the test rules will be finetuned. All test results and print samples will be shown and discussed at the colour management café to be held in 2020-01-16. A high level summary will be given at the following Colour 

The test criteria orient themselves on relevant use cases being:

Use case 1: Estimate overprints based on single wedges (CxF/X-4 full characterisation) for two different ink sequences.
Use case 2: Convert PDF (Testform A) to PDF conversion (FOGRA51)
Use case 3: Characterising 7C print (Testform B) & gamut size computation
Use case 4: Proofing 7C print (Testform B)
Use case 5: colour prediction (predicting full grid based on gradual increasing number of available patches)
Use case 6: colour prediction ink replacement CMYKOGV ➡️ CMYKOGB
Use case 7: Identifying ink sequence for a set of provided 7C control strips
Use case 8: Predicting colour for difference in solid coloration

"Rules of the game" can be found here [PDF]

The testforms are available for the participants at the Fogra cloud.

Findings & presentations

The presentations of the MultiColor Forum 2019 can be downloaded here:

Fogra: Introduction of the test programme and findings (Yuan Li) 
Partner: AGFA (Marc Mahy)
Partner: Alwan (Radovan Slavuj)
Partner: CGS (Lukas Lindwehr)
Partner: ColorLogic (Dietmar Fuchs)
Partner: GMG (Hanno Hoffstadt)
Partner: KODAK (William Li)

The recordings are listed here

If you require more information or have any suggestions, feel free to contact Yuan Li (li@fogra.org) or follow our update of this project.


Summary Report

MultiColor Forum 2019 Executive Summary



Learn more about our ongoing multicolor research project  Forschungsvorhaben.