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Ticket tips for your Fogra visit

Munich Public Transport System (MVV)

If you want to use the MVV several times a day then we recommend the following tickets:

You stay 1 day in Munich

Ticket: Tageskarte Innenraum (Day ticket inner district)*

Valid: from cancelling until 6 am on the following day in the Munich inner district ("MVV-Innenraum")


You stay 2-3 days in Munich

Ticket: 3-Tageskarte Innenraum (3-Days ticket inner district)*

Valid: from cancelling until 6 am on the 4th day in the Munich inner district ("MVV-Innenraum")


You stay 3-7 days in Munich

Ticket: IsarCard, übertragbare Wochenkarte 1.-4. Ring (transferably IsarCard weekly, Rings 1 to 4)

Valid: Monday until the 1st work day on the following week 12 noon in the Munich inner district ("MVV-Innenraum")


You travel from Munich Airport to Fogra (with suburban train S8)

Ticket for a single drive: Einzel-Fahrkarte, 4 Zonen (One-way-ticket, 4 zones)


Ticket for a return journey at the same day: Airport-City-Day-Ticket* or Tageskarte Gesamtgebiet (Day ticket entire network)*


* these tickets are available as a single version and a group version for up to 5 persons

You find all information and the actual prices on www.mvv-muenchen.de in the section Tickets.


Tips for your journey by train

Buy your ticket of Deutsche Bahn not to/from Munich main station [Hauptbahnhof], but to/from Munich-Leuchtenbergring. Thus the segment of the suburban trains Hauptbahnhof - Leuchtenbergring is included and you need no further MVV ticket.

By the way: DB-City-Ticket, Bayern-Ticket and BOB-MVV-Ticket are valid for all MVV railways, trams and busses.